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To any and all DJs interested. I am privy to knowledge about a series of DJ battles being hosted by a charlotte based production company that will possibly be sponsored in part by MTV. These battles are going to be minimal cost for entrance and the winner gets a birth at a major (25000 to 50000 person) rave located in charlotte come end of the year. Any serious trance, house,d&b or break beat djs should contact me via e-mail for more information.

-- Anonymous, March 19, 2004


HELL YEAH! Ms. Melanie with Pound4Pound promotions introduces you to the next drum and bass battle winner DJ ABRAXAS! David Savage, AKA DJ abraxas from Charleston, SC is itching to battle it out! He comes with a box full of the newest international drum and bass which he flawlessly mixes. His vinyl manipulations of cutting and scratching are unmatched in this area. His style is compared to DJs Hype and Marky and his skill is paralleled. His skills are noticed to all, even those who don't enjoy drum and bass. (I've heard him spin a wicked breaks set too). Abraxas is newly back from Seattle where he rocked downtown with his weekly show and began ILLINTENT ent. He comes with a Pioneer DJM600, twin Tech decks, a sound system, and a passion for Drum and Bass! Contact the crew @ or Abraxas directly @ THANKX for the party/battle info. I'll keep an ear out for others lookin' ta battle. Ms. Melanie

-- Anonymous, April 16, 2004

Im a old skool breakbeat/breakbeat hardcore dj from Ottawa Ontario Canada and I also produce everthing from trance (epic) to breakbeat/jungle/ragga/hardcore etc. to check out my shit go to and under producer profiles look up "Lushys". you can also download my old skool mix @ (recorded live on shitty monitors etc)

feel free to email me or msn me @

*p.s. will play for transpo + beer*


-- Anonymous, September 08, 2004

Dj Abraxas WILL win this years drum and bass battle, I'd put money on that. This guy has taught me alot of shit. I played along side him for a few years now and all I got to say is you have to see this scratchmaster @ work. GOOD LUCK DAVID!!!!!!!!!!!

-- Anonymous, October 23, 2004

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