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changing moto oil for honda rebel on how much km?

-- Vis Vla (, March 19, 2004


Ha ha ha ¿Honda Revel? ¿here?

-- cuervo (, March 19, 2004.

Hey cuervo, this forum and other forums are here to help people and have some fun. You are starting to push the envelope with your insulting and degrading comments. The guy may have posted his question on the wrong forum but instead of helping him or directing him you instead chose to degrade him. If your only purpose here is to annoy people then you’re doing a good job. I shouldn’t even bother with scum like you but I wanted to share a suggestion. Take that wonderful R1 of yours, shove it up your ass, and then go crawl back into the dirt hole from which you emerged.

-- Todd G. Mazzola (, March 19, 2004.

I must agree w/ Tom; please take your comments elsewhere.

-- b (, March 19, 2004.

i agree also! stay off the site you have no business here and grow up. i have a funny feeling that your the same person but with a new address that was doing the same thing on a few other forums too. if it is you i would love to go back and cut and paste all your praising comments on the mv but now since its "underpowered" its crap. take your R1 along with your 10,000 other 04 R1 buddies and go ride your cookie cutters. gonna suck though when that kawi sucks the paint off your precious R1 and still wont gather the same amount of admiring eyes as the MV. your bike will be outdate by a newer more updated, lighter and more hp bike next year anyways. so in conclusion.....grow up and act your age you asshole

-- Rob (, March 22, 2004. answer the topic question. i wouldnt have a clue. depends on the oil i am sure and how you ride it. i change mine every 2-3,000 miles and i run full synthetic and ride easy. i have no idea how many kilometers that is

-- Rob (, March 22, 2004.

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