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Have following problem with balance ropes under the car. In very irregular distances footstep from the ropes a mass out the almost so looks like glazier's putty, only darker. This fixings perches then into the grooves the guide pulleys from and feeds very cleats driveability, because the tie down begin to jump. It is then very exhausting the mass from the grooves to remove. Then is again awhile quiescence and already goes it again of in front lot. Wise somebody what here be by way of doing is about the problem ultimate to solve?

-- Hans (, March 19, 2004


Your question sounds like to me that you are having buildup from the ropes, combination rope lube and dirt lay inside your rope groove. I have had the same trouble through the years mainly with governors and tail sheaves. It gets the ropes out of balance and they sway ant hit the cab at high speeds. The only fix for that is to have keep cleaning them out or go with the rope cleaner brushes and luber from Quality elev for the comp ropes and just cleaners for the gov ropes. I heard that Otis installs rope lubers on ever traction elevator. I like the combo cleaner also approved by Bethleham Wire rope.

-- Jim (, March 19, 2004.

The best way is to install if possible one or two compensating chain or what so called in america whisper flex. the numbers depends on the weight and the length of main ropes (traction rope), so you do not have problems if ropes come out of groove or ropes elongation.

there is different companies who can help in calculating how many you may need, supplied with all (dampening devices, support brackets and kellem's grip). call Gustav volf, or Drako elevator products at

best of luck

-- (, March 21, 2004.

Thanks for the answers. Wisperflex is unfortunately not possible. That'll too expensive. I have several elevators with this problem. Of a is 200 metre aloft and 5m/s quickly. Dirt is not thereby. The hoistway are very clean. IŽll clean and lubricate the ropes and wait what goes on.

-- Hans (, March 22, 2004.

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