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I ahve a few dollars to spend on my EVO III and was thinking fitting another exhaust system. Is the RG3 the way to go?...By the sounds of other responses on this site that running a full exhaust including chip and headers is the way to get more power. I wonder if the power increase is noticable, or should I save my money and just get the end cans for better noise. Has anyone in Australia modiffied their exhaust, and if so, where did they get their parts rom and at what price. Mick

-- Mick DAVIS (davismd@pasminco.com.au), March 17, 2004


My understanding is that the EVO3 comes with the SPR headers as standard, so you only need the silencers. You might want to check them out to confirm that before you spend any money.

-- Craig (craig_whiteway@hotmail.com), March 18, 2004.

i have a standard Evo I, i too am wanting to do something about the exhaust. i have done a fair bit of research. In Australia, there are not much options for the MV. i have only found the factory RG3 system from MV dealers, which is not cheap. There is Silmoto which is imported from Road Rocket http://www.roadrocket.com.au/indexa.html in Melbourne, they are from memory approx $1300 - $1500 AUD incl chip. They look good in the brochure, made from c/fiber, but dont look so good once fitted with all the brackets. i heard they are very loud & have read that they dont do much for power increase. There is also a Casoli importer in Sydney http://www.casoli.com.au/index.html they have a c/fiber system for $2442 inc chip. i dont know anything about this exhaust. i have heard lots of good things regarding the RG3 pipes. hope this helps you, i would appreciate if anyone has any more info on exhaust systems to reply. I was also wondering if changing the exhaust header & eprom, but leaving the standard pipes to keep the noise level legal would have a significant increase in power?

-- Fiorello Galluzzo (fiorello@iinet.net.au), March 20, 2004.

Took my exhausts to Brisbane Motorcycle professionals got the end cans taken of and anodized and while they were of they took out the restricting pipes out of the end exhaust (not the end tips) and put a larger diameter in there as per the RG3's. Unlike the full the gutting of the Casoli's modification it does not sound like a Lancaster Bomber now. I have yet to dyno it as its not back on the road yet because I am getting moulds made of the entire body work so I can replace it all with carbon fiber

cheers Edu

-- edu de hue (edu@racersden.com), March 21, 2004.

Thanks for the replys guys...think Ill opt for the RG3 system. Having said that I read on here that an eprom form WCT may be of more benifit to the bike than the standard chip that comes with the RG3 system. Anyone tried one of these chips? mick

-- Michael DAVIS (davismd@pasminco.com.au), March 24, 2004.

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