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Could someone tell me where I'll find rubber seals for Vesuviana stove expresso coffee machine ? Many thanck in forward.

-- BERTHOT (, March 17, 2004


I need some too! Please e-mail reply.

-- Lance Courtland (, March 22, 2004.

I don't know where to find the gaskets, but just last week we cobbled together something that works for our 12-cup stovetop Vesuviana. We used a gasket for a 12-cup Bialetti, which has the same exterior diameter but is too wide and about 20% too thin. First we trimmed away on the inside so it fit the Vesuviana (nail scissors work well). The Bialetti isn't quite as thick as the Vesuviana gasket, so we put a thick rubber band inside the groove first, then the trimmed Bialetti gasket. It works. It isn't totally perfect, but it makes great, strong coffee again. The other option, which we've done in the past and which also works, is to contact a machine- repair or appliance-repair shop and buy a small sheet of Neoprene in the appropriate thickness, and make your own gasket. The Bialetti route is easier.

Good luck! Ruth

-- ruth lively (, March 29, 2004.

We have Vesuviana Gaskets available for purchase. They are great espresso makers.

-- Jim Cone (, June 30, 2004.

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