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I currently do most of my art using the image transfer of printed materials via gel medium, or gloss medium. Its a pretty common area that lots of people know about. I am frustrated by being limited to using previously printed images and would like to expand into photo image transfer so i cold transfer images that I have selected and photographed, and then of course manipulate the photo with paint. My questions is concerning the size of the image, is it possible to blow up a particular image to any size, and if so how? I have no experience in this area and it seems that artists are limited to the size of the polaroid picture. please help

-- Matt Tatman (, March 15, 2004


you can blow up image to any size depend on the equipments you have:

daylab - blow up to 8x10 darkroom - obviously, blow up to any size

.... "image transfer of printed materials via gel medium, or gloss medium" .... i'm interested in this matter, would you be kind you teach me the way. Thank

-- (, March 18, 2004.

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