Want to sell Ecuadorian, renowned Villcabamba region coffee

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An associate of mine living in Ecuador is selling Ecuadorian coffee from the renowned Villcabamba region of southern Ecuador.

The coffee can be sold as raw beans in sacks, roasted, or roasted and ground and package in hermetically sealed and labelled bags ready for sale, depeneding on requirement.

Please email if there is a serious interest.

-- Paul Henry (paulpiri@hotmail.com), March 15, 2004


HI, I'm not a supplier myself but we are selling Ecuador Specialties Coffee (ESCoffee, www.escoffee.com). A neighbour of me, a student from the Wageningen Agricultural University, did a study there and he swa they are as organic as can be, though not certified. The good thing is they pick, burn, grind and package the coffee all locally, which means they get a much better share of the selling price. That is much better even than normal Fair Trade. We are selling it now since a few months and our customers say it is the best coffee they ever had. No complaints at all. ESCoffee is willing to ship lower quantities. Our student is in direct contact with a representant of the farmer, no intermediates except for that MSc student. Available grounded, as beans, or even as green beans. They have all sorts of wrappping: thin plastic (a bit too thin), or reclosable strong plastic, or a standing back of strong plastic (with valve), or aluminium. Especially for our students we also buy happy hippy type of bags (locally made) for around the regular bag. Nice for presents. Just go to their site.

-- Chris H (NOSPAMchayes@antenna.nl), June 22, 2004.

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