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Tried to remove the fuel tank on my Brutale, so I could sticky beak under there. Managed to lift it a few inches, but seems to catch on things, is there a trick to it?

-- Ian Sylvester (, March 14, 2004


Ian - as you are probably the first owner to try this for yourself you may waite a long time for a definitive answer to this.

Assuming it's the same as the F4 - which I think it probably is then it needs to be removed up and back. There is a short fuel drain hose that need to be unclipped as soon as your able assistant can reach. The two fuel lines should have a little more give in them (about 5/6" raised) There are two spiggots on the front of the F4 tank that locate into the back of the airbox - you must have got past this pint if you moved it 2" - there are also two brackets on either side of the tank - they just rest on the cross frame member but you need to watch they dont catch on anything. It's fairly easy to do on your own once you have done it once with some help.

-- Mark M (, March 15, 2004.

Thanks for the answer Mark.. I think the Brutale tank is a little different to the F4. It is a bit shorter and further forward. There are brackets on either side which bolt to the tank, and go forward to rest on the frame top tube, I suspect I will have to unbolt these as they catch on bits of the inlet tract. I think Ill just leave it alone for the moment, and just ride the the little beauty while the weather is still nice. Ill have another go at it in the winter.

-- Ian Sylvester (, March 15, 2004.

The F4 also has these - they aren't attached to the crossmember they just rest on it - thats why I said 'up and back'. I know the shape is a little different but I would be surprised if the actual design was changed.

-- Mark M (, March 17, 2004.

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