C&G (12 yr and 6 yr rule) after 9 years it gets serious.

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9 years ao we voluntarily repossesed ourselves (due to overcrowding) after about 4 years Cheltenham and Gloucester started to chase us for money after the sale of the flat, Their was a shortfall of approx 32,000. The debt was divided into two parts, the insurance (which was about 13,000) and the mortgage of the rest. The first chase got refered to a debt collector was only for the insurance and after it got heavy we cleared the debt in full and final. In 2002 C&G started to chase for the mortgage part but to this day we have not responded or acknowledge this debt. Yesterday I recieved a letter from Davis Coleman Legal and Financial Investigations, saying he is paying us a visit this saturday at 11 am. to discuss a payement programme.

My questions are.

Can they just turn up if I do not reply to this letter ? Do I still come under the 12 year rule, as I paid off the first debt which was linked is it still classed as the same debt? We moved house again three years ago we thought that it would take a while for C&G to catch up with us again, especially as we never reply to their letters, how come that within 1 week of moving they had our correct address, even though we had not registered on the electrol register.

Any advice on what I should do now, as I would prefer not to give them a penny.

-- Nicole hayward (nicole.hayward2@ntlworld.com), March 14, 2004


If you run a credit check costing around 2 you will be amazed at just how much information is available to credit agencies, credit card payment and balance, finance payments and arrears, the list goes on, every time you use a swipe card, store loyalty card etc big brother watches and records. Do you have children who moved from one school to another the list goes on.

-- George McKenna (geomcamck@hotmail.com), March 18, 2004.

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