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I am trying to repair my old Gaggia MDF coffee grinder. This has produced several problems/question. Help appreciated.

I have unscrewed the top brass fitting from the grinder assembly. The fitting could not be moved/adjusted before I wrestled it from the machine. I assume I should clean all coffee remnants from both sets of threads. After that, should the threads be lubricated or just put together clean? If lubricated, what kind?

When reassembling, how do I determine the starting position for the top fitting (the finest setting)?

How is the fineness indicator (index wheel?) installed? I can't find anyting that the lug on the index wheel can mate with.

To make a long story short, do complete instructions exists to dia-assemble and re-assemble this unit?


-- Stephen Schachter (, March 14, 2004


I contact a Gaggia reseller out of NY for my repair issues (handle broke off and they sent a warranty replacement which I installed...

Try Contacting Susan at

-- Kim (, April 20, 2004.

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