What To Feed New Born Baby Goats?

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My MaMa goat had triplets yesterday. One died, or was born dead ~ I'm not sure. She has mastytis (sp?), so, I have the remaining 2 in my kitchen. I have been feeding them cows milk, sweetened can milk, and a touch of water ~~ the last feeding I added 1 egg. They now have diahria. What do I feed them? What do I do to help them? Is it natural for new born goats to have diahria? All help is very much appreciated! I just need help soon because I worry about her last 2 babies. Also, what do you do for her mastytis ~~ I hope you know what I am trying to spell!! Thank You In Advance!! Kathy

-- Kathy Knepp (plants_and_such@yahoo.com), March 13, 2004


First of all does the Mom have mastitis in both sides of her udder. How do you know it is mastitis?

Little Bit Farm

-- Little Bit Farm (littlebit@brightok.net), March 13, 2004.

Did the kids get any colostrum? The outlook is fairly bleak without it. Whole cow''s milk does not need any additives, I am raising two kids on it right now, no diarrhea at all. There is some blackish (meconium) stool soon after birth, then it should be yellow. As for the mastitis go to http://forums.chamoisee.atypedigital.com/index.php and ask for help or go to www.saanendoah.com lots of help there Good Luck Julie in OK

-- Julie W (okwilk213@sbcglobal.net), March 13, 2004.

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