raaga that should not be taught

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There is one raaga that a teacher should not teach a student. What raaga is it? Please also let me know the character of raagas. Where can I find this info?

Regards Pragalathan

-- pragalathan (pragabm@yahoo.com), March 12, 2004


It is Varali but I don't know the reason.

-- Lakshman (luzchurch@hotmail.com), March 13, 2004.

the character of raga varali can be browsed at many music sites. but there is a way to teach ragam varali too. usually the guru teaches a mangalam immediately after teaching varali and then continue the teaching session. i dont know the reasons exactly. but it is said that this raga spoils the student-teacher relationship.

regards, Aarthi

-- Aarthi.S (aarthi_gana@rediffmail.com), March 16, 2004.

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