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Can anyone help? I have agreed a full and final settlment with the Halifax for a repro that happened 8 years ago. I intend to pay in full on 26th of March. I am concerned that they can take the money and then either ask for more or possibly sell the debt to whoever? I have also been issued with a ccj. Once I have paid, how do I ensure that they take me off the ccj register? Is there a standard letter that I can write that will cover these eventualities and any others that I have not thought about?

Thanking in anticipation of a response

Neil Hill

-- Neil Hill (, March 12, 2004



Have e mailed you a copy of the full and final letter I used for my settlement.

All the best for the future!


-- Moira (, March 13, 2004.


Have sent you the settlement and pre-settlement letters to you, let me know if there's any problem. Sorry for the delay.


-- M Amos (, March 15, 2004.

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