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I am working for the Alte Feuerwache in Mannheim, a cultural centre providing a rich program of music, readings and exhibitions.

Of definitely supra-regional importance is the Summer Academy that is attracting musicians from Germany and Europe to Mannheim, a city which has been strongly related to music ever since. The Summer Academy Mannheim is a cooperation of the major musical institutions of our city and the Alte Feuerwache is taking care of the realization of this event. Most importantly, the Academy arranges workshops to offer the participants the opportunity to meet and learn from the most important artists of contemporary music.

We would certainly love to book Mr. Laswell to give one of these workshops, and to be headliner for the "work music"-division of the Summer Academy - workshops dealing with music between jazz and electronic music.

Please inform Mr. Laswell on our request, and send me contact information! Thanks alot.

Best regards,

Alexander Stamm

-- Alexander Stamm (, March 12, 2004


I forgot the dates: the work-jazz-events will be from 23.-26. of September 2004!

-- Alexander Stamm (, March 12, 2004.

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