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Because my neutral warning light didn't work, I had to remove the fueltank to get to the electrical connection, now I noticed that one of the pipes on the fuelpump didn't have a hose connected to it, is this normal or am I missing somthing, greetings Jacob

-- Jacob (, March 12, 2004


Jacob, If it was one of the Fuel lines then it would spew petrol everywhere every time you ran the engine - or not run at all.

It is probably the overflow pipe - it should have a black rubber hose attached which will take any tank filler spillage. This should be routed from the bottom of the fuel pump round the back of the engine and vent somewhere just under the bike. The orriginal is probably still down there - they are just a bit of a pain to refit when putting the tank back on, this is when another pair of (small) hands are a great help. Either it came off on it's own when you pulled the tank off or the last person to refit the tank forgot/didn't notice it.

If yours is missing then you can get a bit of rubber hose line (40cm or so) from any bike shop you walk into.

-- Mark M (, March 12, 2004.

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