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I was diagnosed with AVN in my right hip April 2002. My doctor's told me I was stage 1 or worst case early stage 2. I had no symptoms, but my doctor thought that a core decompression would be appropriate because the AVN could spread and the earlier the intervention the better. After the core I was on crutches for six weeks. Once I started walking again, the pain (front hip/groin area) started and I have had it ever since. I have had x-rays/MRI's regularly to confirm whether the AVN is spreading. So far the films all have shown no progression. Has anybody any reason while after the surgery the symptons started? The way the core decompression was explained to me was that it would not make the pain worse???

-- James Hawrot (, March 10, 2004


In general, core decompression gives good pain relief. If it was done as a prophylactic measure and you subsequently developed pain, I would want to know whether the AVN had progressed.

-- Marc W. Hungerford, M.D. (, March 16, 2004.

Well, so far my doctor (I saw him last in early January 04) has told me there has been no progression of the AVN. The last few months I have had more instances of pain, so I had another MRI at the end of January. The MRI report concluded that there has been no change since last years MRI. Also the x-rays show no change and no sign of collapse. In the last week I sent all my MRI's and latest x-ray to Dr. David Hungerford to get his opinion on where I stand. My local doctor (he only read the x-ray) is on "sick-leave" so I will not see him until mid April at which point he will review the MRI.


-- James Hawrot (, March 17, 2004.

I'm so confused about the AVN - core decompression (bilateral hips). I was under the impression that I would have the surgery on a Friday and be back at work on Monday of the following week. I haven't been told anything about a recovery period or crutches. Please share your stories with me. I need to make plans if this is going to take longer than a weekend. Thanks and God bless you all. I wish you a speedy recovery.

-- Lynn McGowan (, May 13, 2004.

I was diagnosed with bilateral AVN in my hips, knees and Shoulders as a result of taking steroids. I had my bilateral core decompression of hips in October 2003, bilateral core decompression of knees in December 2003 and core decompression of the right shoulder in April 2004. For the hip and Knee core decompression, I had my surgery on a tuesday and I went back to work the second monday. In mid March 2004, the pain in my left hip and knee resurfaced and the MRI showed no signs of collapse. I used to take Celebrex once a day but the pain would surface by evening. I was told that pain usually meant the core decompression was probably not a success. However since then i have been going for physical therapy and now the pain is negligible and my range of motion has increased tremendously. its been a week since I took my last celebrex. I have been told that if i can go for 2 years without any collapse, then it usually means I have come out a winner.

-- Suchin Mundkur (, June 07, 2004.

Where did you get the bilateral core decompression done at? I need to get both hips done, and I am making the case to get them done both at once rather than one at a time. AVN stage I left, 15% lesions, stage II right, 45% lesions.



-- william murphy (, January 12, 2005.

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