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I took the advice of contacting the O F T , i actually emailed them, and they wrote back to me to say i have to put it in writing, as what i told them via email, they said was a criminal offence ynder some clause, ie; calling round at night looking through the letter box etc, so i will get that sorted first thing in the morning! Jane. PS; If we sarn wellcome finance, do the have a duty to reply, or can they ignore it?

-- jane (, March 10, 2004



Well done for contacting the OFT. Yes, they do have to comply in respect to your Sarn but you must provide them with the necessary requirements fee, addresses etc (see previous postings or the guidance for sarning on the DPA website). They usually have 40 days to comply, after which period if they haven't responded satisfactorily you can request an assessment. Make sure you send it recorded delivery. Be advised that due to a recent court case the info you may be able to get will be more restricted under the DPA, but still worth doing I think. Don't forget you can also use the Civil Procedure Rules Overriding Objective and Pre-action Protocol Practice Direction. Also the OFT have given guidelines on this, see my previous posting to you. I posted a sample Sarn letter on the website on the "Repossession" page (see options box top left) it's about 6 to 7 items down. This letter requests info under both the DPA and Civil Procedure Rules. Hope this helps, Good Luck.


-- M Amos (, March 10, 2004.

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