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I am new to the coffee business, actually just a little intriqued by it. I was looking for information regarding the purchasing of inexspensive roasted coffee beans to use in wholesale packaging operations. Any information would be extremely beneficial.

-- (sm55703@charter.net), March 10, 2004


Hello there. Welcome to the coffee business.....those of us involved are part of the second biggest traded product in the world! (and a far more interesting product than the first.....petroleum!). If you are loooking for pre-roasted beans the best and only real option for you is to buy from a roaster in your promximity. By doing this you can have some degree over the control of the quality of the product. I am a little worried you used the term "inexpensive" because in this business you simply will only get what you pay for.... and inexpensive probably equates to crap! If you end up wholesaling poor quality product you will only end up in the wrong end of the market and u will not develop a crazy kind of love for coffee that most of us have. My advice = look around your city/region/state... find a roaster who can do a deal for private label coffee and get a half decent product.

-- Alun Evans (merdeka_coffee@yahoo.com.au), March 10, 2004.

Contact me and I can identify local roasters in your region of the country for you to buy from.

-- John B. Porter (johnporter@rcn.com), June 24, 2004.

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