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In the mid-1960s, the L&W ran a Baldwin switcher, I think it was an S-12, but way back then, I didn't keep much in the way of notes.

Dan Moore, from Wadley, was the engineer. I don't remember any of the other crew members names.

Anyway, what I was curious about, was the engine number, and if it wasn't an S-12, what was it?



-- Sheldon Daitch (sdaitch@ibb.gov), March 09, 2004


I have a copy slide in my collection of L&W 100, taken December 1961. It looks like an S-12, not positive though. It is black with yellow lettering.

-- Larry Goolsby (clgoolsby@att.net), March 10, 2004.

Hello Sheldon,

The Louisville & Wadley dieselized in 1955 with the arrival at Wadley on the 21st of April of CofG switcher #37, a Baldwin DS-4-4- 1000 built in 1949 and leased from the Central of Georgia. The same engine and crew worked both the L&W and WS until the demise of the WS in the early 1960ís. At some point in the mid to late '60's, the Baldwin was replaced by CofG #2, an EMD SW1 built in 1941.

Hope this helps,

Steve Flanigan

-- Steve Flanigan (sflanigan@mystuffbags.org), March 10, 2004.

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