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I have a real good art project and am seeking several oil painting artists. Could you put me in contact with some who might like to do paintings that would be of "Jesus Christ"? This is a "Vision Enabled Project" and probably the best of this kind. They pay is good, even though it is commission. Artists must be able to also sell the paintings they complete in this project.

Sizes: 24" X 36" and 36" X 48" Sugg. Selling Prices: $2750 each and $5000 each. Artist may sell at lower prices if need to. Commission Payable to each artist for painting and for selling: 80 % total

These selling prices are without frames. Artist would have to add frame, shipping & insurance and taxes on total sale amount. All these extras would have to be for by the buyer of their painting. Artist is to keep their 80% commission. Then remit to me the 20% amount, plus a copy or such of the sales receipt.

I provide the Informative Description of "Jesus Christ" to the artist, free of cost. This Description is valuable and confidential. It is the foundation or "starter" of this project and is the very best part of it. It does make this super. I am the orginal owner of this. I also have a employment letter contract, which I send 2 copies, with 1 copy to be returned to me. I send this by U. S. Postal Mail. After accepted and approved by the artist, then I will send the Informative Description. I expect the artists to be good people and not make any attempt to scam. I do not put up with scams or such.

If I can be of service to you or any other you know, please let me know. This project I have is to be used to share with artists. I put them above me. They are first, I be last.


Donald R. Sander, ART Project Director 2810 Concord Lane Woodward, Oklahoma 73801 PH: 580-254-0171 email:

-- Donald Sander (, March 09, 2004

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