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Hi I am in Utah and am looking to start a drive through espresso business and I am interested in buying a drive through trailer that is fully/semi/or even unequipped ASAP. If there is anyone with that in a 500 mile radius please e-mail me because I am very interested and I have financing available to me right away. Thanks!

-- Natalie Rutherford (natalie@moabutah.com), March 09, 2004


I would like to introduce you to Hotspot Coffee Company. We are unlike any drive-thru or walk-up coffee company you have seen. Visit us at www.hotspotcoffeecompany.com See you there!

-- ashley berg (ashleyberg@tmail.com), April 01, 2004.

I am in Utah, and I am selling my mobile trailer. We built it for drive thru service and have been using it for events. It works great for high volume. check out www.muddycreekcoffee.com We are in the process of adding new photos. e-mail if you have any questions.

-- Michelle Ricketts (michelle@muddycreekcoffee.com), May 05, 2004.

Hi Natalie, I'm not a company that builds Espresso Vans. My setup is for sale and listed on this site. If interested please click on "4 SALE: Custom built Espresso Van". Hope to hear from you, Paul....

-- Paul Cappellano (paulcapp@hotmail.com), July 07, 2004.

Thanks for all the answers. . We have found a drive through and we are fully functioning in Moab Utah now. I appreciate all the e-mails as well.

-- Natalie Rutherford (natalie@moabutah.com), September 16, 2004.

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