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Today, 09-03-04, i received a letter from the Halifax, stating that they are in the process of handing over our file to their solictors regarding the mortgage arrears, which stand at 2,000, this is partly due to hubby's sick leave from work in sept-nove 2003, obviously decembers wage didn't cover any part of the mortgage, but i managed to make a payment of 170-00. They said in the letter that i had not responded to their previous letter dated 1st December 2003, but this is the first letter we have had from them! I rang them this morning, and explained all this, and also the fact that hubby is out of work, at the moment, but he has a good chance of getting the job he applied for last week, so by the end of march, we will have a wage coming in, and i also told them that we are in line for a 2,500 compensation claim, which is going through for the disturbance we had when they did the M60 roadworks, i assured them that this payout is guaranteed, the girl from the Halifax told me to phone their solictors who are: DLA, i rang them and explained all over again the situation,stressing that this is the first letter we have had from the halifax in god knows how long, and that i did got into my local branch and explain this when hubby lost his job in january 2004, the girl i spoke to said they hadn't even got the file on us yet!! Obviously i do not want this to end up going to court trying to get a suspended warrant, as i have been there before, about 5 yrs ago, i asked the girl from the DLA if i made this proposal and explained the circumstances, would they take it into account about the compensation, as all that money will go into the mortgage account, she said they would be ok about it, but i will have to phone back tomorrow, as like she said my file hadn't reached them! What i am asking is, is that when i phone them, and offer some payment from the end of march, plus the money from the compensation, would they be in a position to give me time to make payments, or will they still have to go to court for a warrant of possesion? Hope you can help, thanks, Jane.

-- (janey1@emailaccount.com), March 09, 2004



It would be impossible for anyone to predict what the lender will do, lenders/banks have different policies, sorry. Good Luck for tomorrow.


-- M Amos (idgroms@hotmail.com), March 09, 2004.

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