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Ive had my Evo 3 now for almost 4 weeks, and while its a great bike, Im missing the power of my old R1. The 1000cc MV arrives here in Australia mid-year and Im considering buying one. Has anyone read a review or heard of someone riding one yet?

-- Mick DAVIS (davismd@pasminco.com.au), March 08, 2004


Mick, Give the F4 some time - you can't have done that many miles on it yet. I would suggest finding some good twisties to play on. I went from an R1 to an F4 myself and they are just poles appart. I found the R1 had an 'interesting' cornering teknique, that didn't realy inspire much confidence in the front end. The F4 I find just wants to corner faster and faster. It's more like riding a 600 (not much more power and some more weight to drag round) I'm not convinced that more power will add to that experience. If on the other hand you just want to wack it open in any gear whenever then it's def the way to go.

-- Mark (m.magenis@btinternet.com), March 09, 2004.

I agree totally with Mark.

-- Pete Hughes (pete_mvagusta@yahoo.com.au), March 10, 2004.

Buy a R1 - 2004 !!!

-- cuervo (cuervomendoza@hotmail.com), March 11, 2004.

YOU WHAT!!!!! - take a look at the name of this site again!

You can't go arround giving out advice like that HERE!!!!!

The whole point of this site is to pander to those who have chosen to turn their backs on the massproduced, hermogonised products from our far eastern cousins. Prefering to devote themselves to the more charismatic, quirky and often pervese products of our Latin neighbours. Opting to exchange a few BHP here and a few pounds/Kg there for the more ashthetic design qualities of Sr. Taborinis pen (and Sr. Castiglionis wallet). You can keep you HONKAWUKIMAHA's where the sun don't shine......I want more of the "Made in Verese!" - even if some of the stock may have been 'water damaged!' -

Now having settled that I must go and clean those CB carbs - again!

-- Mark M (m.magenis@btinternet.com), March 12, 2004.

Latin neighbours? The MV's made in Mexico?

-- Allan Gibbs (Phoenix, Arizona) (Agibbs996@aol.com), March 12, 2004.

Mick - Do you know what language you are useing - I'll give you a clue.It's a modern European Language.

Do you know what Latin is? I'll give you clue - it's an Ancient European Language.

Need I go on ?

BTW my neigbours are from somerset - so are probably celts of some description - not unlike myself, but not so bright!

-- Mark M (m.magenis@btinternet.com), March 12, 2004.

ha ha ha Mark !!! buy a R1 - 2004 !!! ha ha ha !!! donīt cry !!!

-- cuervo (cuervomendoza@hotmail.com), March 13, 2004.

i might have missed the point of owning the mv, for some strange reason, after owning suzukis yams ect i still like the mv, less power less gadgets, what reason is there for this,maybe i am fed up with the new R1 having .02 bhp more than lasts years, the 2004 suzuki has 1.1 bhp more than last years r1. new r1 is 1kg lighter, 0.9 bhp more than the suzuki, look exhaust pipes under the seat seen that before. this years r1 and gsxr out of date every six months. still nice machines do not know if the extra power is any use on the kent road system. HOW MANY r1 with iriduim screens and load race pipes.i get fed up with counting them, mundane everyday kit in my opinion. Ps power figures for illustration only.

ride safe what ever you ride andy

-- andrew finch (afinch4267@aol.com), March 14, 2004.

I agree with Andrew.

Just want to add that a year from now, the 2005 MV 1000 will come out and probably be faster than the 2004 1000. The "who has the fastest bike game" is a pointless exercise you can't win unless you race MotoGP where that is actually determined.

The following is addressed to those interested in bragging rights: Visit motorsportsetc.com to see which manufacturer has the most GP championships.

-- Greg (gldaspit@aol.com), March 16, 2004.

Is there any news when the 2004's will hit New York?

-- big l (ljohnson@optonline.net), March 17, 2004.

Hey Y'all, Read recently why bimota went bust. A primary reason was the absolute quaility of Japanese production bikes. The new GSXR1000 has variable wall thickness crankcases f'rinstance. Hi-tech to hell and back. Me ? Yeah, I still prefer Italiano. As somebody else said : It ain't about the spec sheet. There's something about riding a Ducati that's different. Italian style is nigh on impossible to beat. I guess it all depends on whether you drink Saki or Vino with lunch. That R1 is a stylists dream all the same. Beautiful? Competent? Sure. The MV F4 1000 Tamburini is though, my idea of IT, Johnny.

-- JP Dutton (jpdutton@xtra.co.nz), April 24, 2004.

Hey Johnny - Bimota have been going bust on a regular basis for the last 15 years. This is actually partly because the TA part of the name, Tamborini, left to work for Ducati and came up with the 916 then....well you should know the rest of that story. The real big reason was because of the very idea behind the company. They used to take Japanese engines out of Ill handling and often downright dangerous frames and build a whole new bike up arround them. The Japs are now as good as anyone in producing good quality production line frames so the whole basis of what Bimota were doing became a bit irrelevant. Thats probably why Tamborini sold up and joined Castiglioni to build 'complete' bikes.

-- Mark M (m.magenis@btinternet.com), April 25, 2004.

I love GSXR's & R1's but, beleive it or not they are very fragile bikes compared to the MV. Thats O.K. don't beleive me most of you don't ride hard or often enough to worry. When you're R1 transmission fails at 20K & it will don't laugh at my broken sidestand or my jumping oil filter!

-- sean crane (buyordieunlimited@hotmail.com), May 28, 2004.

Today's Motor Cycle News in the UK had review of MV 1000 versus new R1 versus Aprilia Factory. Guess which came out on front by miles - MV regardless of price. I was planning to get a new Benelli TNT after my F4 2000 model, but second thoughts starting even at Ģ14,000!

-- finlay (finlay_cooke@hotmail.com), June 03, 2004.

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