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Hi I have a 28lb roaster and am going to change locations. The smell in the little town is a concern. Some people don't like the smell of roasting coffee, go figure. Does anyone know of any type of filter system?

Thanks Mike

-- Mike Ryan (, March 08, 2004

Answers need to find an afterburner of some description. For example see>> (I found this at random doing a google search). I must say..... how can ANYONE object to the smell of coffee being roasted ;->

-- Alun (, March 08, 2004.

We are well-known and a respected USA manufacturer of afterburners. We are known to build long-lasting, trouble-free, efficient units that clean up the exhaust to eliminate complaints. Each afterburner is sized specifically for your roaster. We specialize in Probat and Jabez Burns roasters. We build both catalytic and thermal afterburners to suit your needs. For qoutes email us at

-- Benny Isla (, February 06, 2004

-- Alun (, March 09, 2004.

go to and see section #7 "Pollution Control" and you will find lots of answers. You can always get a smokeless roaster and it will get rid of the smoke, the odor and the chaff - all at the same time.

-- Jay Endres (, April 14, 2004.

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