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Here's my story - looking for ideas of what I should do now!!

Bought a property in about 1988 on a 100% mortgage (With MIG - for whatever good that is) - made redunant soon after and rented out house (getting another job reasonably quickly). Rental fell through and I agreed voluntary reposession in about (not too sure on exact timings) Sept 1992. After about 2 yrs received bill from my lender (Halifax) for about 45,000 for mortgage shortfall. Was moving around the country alot at work and ignored it hoping they would lose trace. Received a request for my Income and Expenditure (to my parents house) in about 1995 and I replied to this very vaguely marking the form "Without Predjudice". Eventually a debt collection agency found me in 2000 and tried fairly strong arm tactics to get me to pay. I denied that I owed anything and did not reply to any of their mail. They disappeared after about 3 months and I heard nothing until Oct 2003 when Henderson Booth & Snell wrote & phoned. They constantly bombarded my wife with calls - she denied that I was living at the address that they had for me and stated that I was abroad (as I was at the time). Contact from H,B & S stopped in about January 04 I have since (End of Feb) received a letter from Halifax stating that my case has been handed to a solicitors - and have just recieved (by post) a County Court 'claim form' (N1 ???) for the amount. Having played a hiding game for the last few years I'm obviously reticent to agree to any debt - what is my best course of action. As about 12 years is nearly up (which is probably why they are claiming now) I would be interested in contiuing deliberations until the debt is Statute Barred - how do I stand on this. I have not yet SARN'ed anyone in the hope that hiding would be preferrable to positive action!!

Thanks in anticipation


-- Kevin Webb (, March 07, 2004

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