ITS ALIVE!ALIVE I TELL YOU!!!! : LUSENET : Legend of Zelda : One Thread

yeah!i rule!i made it alive again again :D

-- +jet Girl+ (, March 07, 2004


*sigh*yes,well done jet...

-- seken (, March 07, 2004.

Dont give up... if you keep it up they will come. Stay here.. keep buisy.. and when the next game comes out.. do good research and post what you find. And also name the Threads something that would a good search on Google or something... They dont find this place if its dead or alive.. they find it on search engines.

-- Dick Tator (, March 09, 2004.

uhh dude it would suck for this place to be over crowded like the animes bboard was...ppl will float through and see it if its alive...but if ppl search on it it will get halla crowded so uh yeah...

-- seken (, March 13, 2004.

hey!and you came here cause it was alive!...didnt you...?

-- +Jet Girl+ (, March 13, 2004.

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