Ex-Amtrak Poinciana, FL. station

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I thoroughly enjoyed Joe Oates' article on Amtrak's ill-fated mid-west Auto Train of 1974 in the 1st Qt. LINES SOUTH. (An excellent companion piece to his 2 earlier articles on the original Auto Train Corporation endevours.)Joe's story mentioned that the newly built Poinciana station (that was to be the southern terminal for the train) was only in use as a station for about 21 months. Is this building still standing, and if so, what is its use today? Was the lead off the main line removed, along with the protective trackside shed?

-- Greg Hodges (lynnhodges@earthlink.net), March 06, 2004


I was on Amtrak 91 last month and made an effort to see some evidence of the facility after leaving Kissimmee. Absolutly nothing! There also does not seem to be any evidence on the Terraserver.com images. I also enjoyed the Lines South article very much.

-- Jim Coviello (jcovi60516@aol.com), March 07, 2004.

There is nothing there today except woods.Everything is gone.I don't know when all of it was removed.I worked in Sanford from 10/71 to 3/79 and was too busy with a family to keep up with all the happinings.If you never knew where it was first located you could never find it,however,the road next to the building was extended in latter years and now is very busy. At one time I heard a rumor (in Amtrak days)that the shops at Sanford was running out of room and the lease was about out.Amtrak was suppose to move everything to Poinciana (at that time they still owned the land)and use it as a auto train base.It was closer to Mickey and that Disney was to partner with Amtrak on local attractions as well to use buses to go to an east coast port for Disney cruise ships. As history has shown us,this was just a rumor.However,in much later years,another venture of sorts was actually run (Florida Fun Train) from Poinciana to Hollywood.It flopped,because Poinciana,altho,only five miles from Kississmee is still out in the woods.I think the FFT also wanted to do something with Disney.Disney being the much larger company could however not make an agreement with FFT.Now,here in 2004 tourist still come to Disney,via air,auto (auto-train and otherwise) and Amtrak.Disney has cruise ships and if you are at the Orlando attractions,they have buses to take you to the ships.So,the moral of the story? Disney rules central Florida.

-- J.Oates (uj67@mindspring.com), March 07, 2004.

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