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I have a JVC GR-DVM90 bought approximately 3 years ago. I recently switched from windows to mac and now I cant down loads still into i-photo or even get the mac to recognize the camera (for still picture downlaods) through the i-link. It recognizes and plays the video, but still are lost.

Does this have to be hooked up in some manner other than through the i-link?

Is there a software oput there from JVC (picture Navigator), or others, that could help me. I have downloadedPicture navigator 1 for mac from JVC website, but everytime I try to find the still pictures, I get an error message?

-- George Erskine (erskine@cox.net), March 06, 2004


You might want to look into a memory card reader. I have the same camera and have thought that a USB connection would speed up the copy routine.

Unfortunately my camera has other troubles so I have not pursued it as an option.

-- david Tebera (arebet@covad.net), June 27, 2004.

I have the same camera, you can only down load still directly from the camera thru the serial port. Thus you need a card reader for the MMC card.

-- Gene (grynkewicz@hotmail.com), October 10, 2004.

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