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jet you should post more crap here,its dead again!!!*sob sob*

-- seken seiko psyco (, March 06, 2004


*sob sob*i know...i made it alive for a while though...AHHHHhhhhhh why dont zelda fans come through here anymore...?its dead...again...*crys softly*

-- +Jet Girl+ (, March 06, 2004.

actually you need to help me...theres occarina of time then theres master quest...whats the difference???

-- seken panda (, March 06, 2004.

uhhh well on master quest theres that bit at the beggining with zelda on a horse and gannon-y'know that bit when you get the occarina of time,i cant remember if thats at the beggining of occarina of time though...umm its ment to be harder...uhh it takes up like 15 blocks on a memory card thingy...probably some other stuff too but i only played up to the bit were you first get your sword and go inside the deku kinda felt like i was just playing occarina of time all over again so i didnt play mutch...

-- +Jet Girl+ (, March 06, 2004.

ok so i guess we should leave if no one comes here anymore...

-- seken panda (, March 06, 2004.

yeah i suppose so but i dont wanna...and maybe if i make it alive again more ppl will come ^-^

-- +jet girl+ (, March 06, 2004.

yeah maybe...watever...

-- seken panda (, March 06, 2004.

Im here... I dont know why Davey doesnt come here anymore. I liked all the Masks from Majora's Mask.. I really liked the swimming...

-- Dick Tator (, March 09, 2004.

hey somones here!majoras mask rules being a goron...


-- +Jet Girl+ (, March 13, 2004.

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