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Xin hoi quy vi quan tri dien dan, quy vi lam cach nao de bao ve nhung nguoi chong cong, hien dang o trong nuoc, tham gia dien dan nay. Neu CS hark duoc vao trang web nay, lay duoc IP cua nhung nguoi do thi sao ?

Khong phai so CS, nhung bi ngan chan khi chua lam duoc gi ca cho van menh dan toc thi that la uong phi.

-- Cong san phai den toi (, March 05, 2004


theo toi hieu thi khong co' gi` de lo lang'

1/may thang` ma doi CS ma` hack duoc. vao` day thi no' cung met voi FBI. Nhung dieu do' chac' chan khong xay ra vi` ong chu su forum nay` la` dan MIT, khong de gion mat voi' ong ta

2/ worst case scenario... cho rang` chung' hack duoc. vao` cai server nay`, thi` trace back 1 IP cung cha phai de^~ biet ai la` nguoi` su dung. cai' computer A trong thoi gian X, neu xai` internet cafe ....

con` neu^' xai internet o nha` thi` chung' se de dang hon

nhung hack vao server nay chac chan khong phai la` chuyen de nhu Vem cam ma~ tau^' di an cuop nguoi khac' cach day may chuc nam

-- HO CHI MINH MA CO (, March 05, 2004.

Difficulty doesn't mean Impossibility. Lo chung lam duoc thi sao. Quy vi la dan chuyen gia trong MIT, vay lam on chi dum cach lam virtual IP duoc khong ?

-- Congsandentoi (, March 05, 2004.

XIn loi toi chua doc. cau hoi cua anh ky~ truoc khi tra loi`

Cau hoi cua anh gianh` cho nhung nguoi chu su forum. ....toi khong phai la` chu su.....nen de lai. cau hoi cua anh cho nhung nguoi` chu su forum nay

-- HO CHI MINH MA CO (, March 05, 2004.

.."Difficulty doesn't mean Impossibility. Lo chung lam duoc thi sao. Quy vi la dan chuyen gia trong MIT, vay lam on chi dum cach lam virtual IP duoc khong ?

-- Congsandentoi (, March 05, 2004. "...

System Management Guide: Communications and Networks Virtual IP Address (VIPA) A virtual IP address eliminates a host's dependency upon individual network interfaces. Incoming packets are sent to the system's VIPA address, but all packets travel through the real network interfaces.

The AIX VIPA function is transparent to the network equipment. No special network equipment or other hardware is needed. To implement VIPA , you need to have the following:

two or more existing IP interfaces of any physical type on different subnets that connect into the corporate network IP routing protocols running within the corporate network Configuring VIPA VIPA is configured, just as any IP network interface, in SMIT. In addition, you can specify a group of interfaces while configuring VIPA. When configured this way, for all the outgoing connections initiated by the VIPA host via these interfaces, which are designated to use a VIPA, the virtual address becomes the source address placed in the TCP/IP packet header of the outgoing packets.

For an IPv4 VIPA, type smit mkinetvi on the command line. For an IPv6 VIPA, type smit mkinetvi6 on the command line. Fill in the reqiured fields, and press Enter. Managing VIPA The following topics are covered in this section:

Add an adapter to a VIPA To add an adapter to your VIPA interface, follow these steps:

Type smit chvi on the command line. Select the VIPA to which you want to add an adapter and press Enter. Enter the adapter that you want to add in the Interface Name(s) field. Enter ADD in the ADD/REMOVE interface(s) field and press Enter. Remove an adapter from a VIPA To remove an adapter from a VIPA, follow these steps:

Type smit chvi on the command line. Select the VIPA from which you want to remove and adapter, and press Enter. Enter that adapter that you want to remove in the Interface Name(s) field. Enter REMOVE in the ADD/REMOVE interface(s) field and press Enter. Sample VIPA Environment in AIX 5.2 A system has a virtual IP address, vi0, of and two physical connections, en1 with IP address and en5, with IP address In this example, both physical connections are Ethernet, but any mixture of IP interfaces, such as token-ring or FDDI, would be supported as long as the subnets were ultimately attached to the larger corporate network and were known to the corporate routers.

Running the lsattr -El vi0 command produces the following results:

netaddr N/A True state up Standard Ethernet Network Interface True netmask Maximum IP Packet Size for This Device True netaddr6 Maximum IP Packet Size for REMOTE Networks True alias6 Internet Address True prefixlen Current Interface Status True alias4 TRAILER Link-Level Encapsulation True interface_names en1,en5 Interfaces using the Virtual Address True Running the ifconfig vi0 command produces the following results:

vi0: flags=84000041 inet netmask 0xffffff00 iflist : en1 en5 Running the netstat -rn command produces the following results:

Routing tables Destination Gateway Flags Refs Use If PMTU Exp Groups

Route Tree for Protocol Family 2 (Internet): default UG 3 1055 en1 - - 10.68.1/24 U 0 665 en1 - - 10.68.5/24 U 0 1216 en5 - - 127/8 U 4 236 lo0 - - UH 0 0 lo0 - - The outgoing packets that do not have a source address set and that are routed via interfaces en1 and en5 will have the source address set to the virtual address ( Incoming packets are routed to the VIPA address ( advertised on the network. Because vi0 is virtual -- not associated with any device -- there should be no entries for it in the system-wide routing table displayed via the netstat -rn command. This means no interface route is added when the interface is configured in SMIT.

If one of the physical interfaces, a network attachment, or a network path fails, the network protocols route to the other physical interface on the same system. If a remote system telnets to the vi0 address, packets to vi0 can arrive using either en1 or en5. If en1 is down, for example, packets can still arrive on en5. Note that routing protocols might take time to propagate the routes.

When using the VIPA, the end systems and intervening routers must be able to route the packets destined for VIPA (vi0) to one of the physical interfaces (en1 or en5).

-- Ke Si Bac Ha (, March 05, 2004.

Cai dieu nay theo toi khong ding dang voi VIP va cai ma anh KSBH vua dang len. Neu khong muon lo ra IP thi phai dung nhung anonymizer da duoc de tai khi truoc roi.

xin loi phai noi cach nay..

I don't want to share this stuff with our Vem they won't use it to their advantage in furthering their cause which is to confuse this forum.

People "o trong nuoc" come to read, not to post and put themselves at risk. Tui minh that la co tu do. Muon noi cai gi cung duoc. Do do cac ong dung lo ve cai ly do khong nghe thuong dan len tieng. Ho van dang doc ma thoi.

In any case, the solution is to use an anonymous proxy. However, it's hard to know which one is truly anonymous. If anyone wants to relate this information back...feel free. I'm not willing to do it on my own, though.

-- QUAN NAY KHONG CO HO CHI MINH DAU (, March 05, 2004.

Lm thế no kiểm sot email hả anh CHDT ?Anh c thể ni r 1 cht ko?

-- communist (, March 06, 2004.

x thư ra m đọc ? hỏi NGU vậy cũng hỏi thằng hồ ch minh n rnh lắm ra ba đnh đi vo mm n rồi hỏi

-- cayhuong (cayhuong@vietcong.ngu), March 07, 2004.


-- TO (, December 15, 2004.

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