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I've a 2000 model MV F4 with 5000 miles on it and live in the UK (Buckinghamshire). The bike was serviced about a year ago but has only done about 1000 miles since. There's no warranty to worry about and I thought about changing the oil and filter myself, giving it the once over and waiting before I get it serviced by a dealer. Anyone any thoughts? Should I stick to the manual and get a full service now regardless? If so any good or bad experiences with dealer servicing? My nearest MV dealer is On Yer Bike near Aylesbury. Many Thanks,

-- Sean Astley (, March 04, 2004


My personal preference would be to do the full service myself.

Assuming the bike has been idle through the winter it is a good idea to give it a good going over and fettle ready for spring.

If your not ready to do the valves yourself then go for the basics.

1) Clean and lube anything that moves. 2) Get the brake callipers off and give them a good clean. 3) Bleed and top up the fluid. 4) Charge up the battery - unless you have taken the wise precaution of an Optimate (or simmilar) 5) Oil and filter change - make sure you have the filter restraining strap to stop it spinning itself off again. 6) Pump up the tyres (they are bound to be low) 7) Lube and adjust the chain (30nm on the pinch bolts - make sure they are evenly done) 8) Wrap up warm and go for it........

-- Mark M (, March 05, 2004.

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