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Well having owned the F4 for about 2 months, just about to go for a spin, when loud 'Graunch' and what feels like a flat tyre as I head off up the road. Turns out the rear hub has collapsed, from what I can gather a few people have had this problem, so is this the shape of MV ownership to come I wonder?

Questions then, Is this likely to be covered by warranty, only bought the bike (s/hand) in Jan from 3X ?

Will it take long to fix, or am I going to be waiting ages for parts?

Does this happen often, I gather overtightening the rear hub has something to do with it, but I never got as far as adjusting the chain, so haven't touched the bolts yet.

If it proves a hassle getting it sorted, how easy is it to strip out ? might have to fix it myself !

Any replies gratefully received :)

-- Craig (, March 04, 2004


I had the same type of failure after ... 36 000 km. However the number of km is not related to my problem. When I brought my bike back to the dealer, this was new to him and he informed himself at MV. They said that the problem is known (and also known for the Duc 916..)and that a new design was in development to avoid the problem. The explanation for my failure was that my dealer did not verify the clearance between the bearings and the housing at the bearing replacement at app. 32 000 km. The cause of my failure was due clearance between bearing and hub. Damage was such that the whole huband brake disc had to be replaced.. My dealer judged that this was certainly not due to wrongfull use of the bike and replaced the hub, brakedisc and other damaged parts for free although the bike is 3 years old. He would claim repayment to MV but I do not know the result.

-- patrick maes (, March 04, 2004.

I think you will find that under new consumer laws the dealer must give something like a 6 month warranty, but all the same I doubt that you have done that many miles since Jan & 3X as a reputable dealer & the importer should fix the problem for you, as they have sold you something which is not of merchantable quality. The bearings are standard available ones from a bearing factor & someone on the Yahoo MV list has replaced them himself. If 3x decide to be 'slow' this is an option.

Go back to 3x & good luck


-- rob mcc (, March 04, 2004.

Cheers Chaps, The bike has been shipped back to 3X, so we'll see what the outcome is. You're right Rob, I've done less than a 1000 miles so you would think it would be covered under warranty. To be fair 3X were pretty good when I purchased the bike, so lets hope they continue to be that way. The weird thing is, the guy I spoke to in the workshop said he's never known it to happen before ! Perhaps he should read this board !!

-- Craig (, March 04, 2004.

Rear bearing failure is normally caused by overtorqueing the rear hub pinch bolts, even some dealers do not use the correct torque, the torque is very low-something like 20lb/ft, alist of bearings/seals is available at mvowners club Uk

-- mike (, March 04, 2004.

Although I'm sure 3X will be more than happy to help they may want to order the parts from MV themselves - you realy don't need to hang arround this long, I asked 3X to get me a set of front wheel bearings - they called me 6 months later to advise they had now arrived! Have a look on to get the bearing codes you can then get them from any wholesaler - the fronts where about half the 3X quote for MV OE ones! Although they turned out to be exatly the same parts! The collapse is almost certainly due to overtightening the pinch bolts - 30nm is all they need (and the MUST be the same). They were probably over done at the 600ml service.

Last but not least - if it was a mechanic who told you he had never heard of the problem they DON'T LET HIM WORK ON YOUR BIKE!- he's either a liar or just incompitent, i'll let you decide which.

-- Mark M (, March 05, 2004.

Fair play to 3X. They sorted the whole lot under warranty, and even delivered the bike back to me. All in less than a week.

Can't argue with service like that.

-- Craig (, March 10, 2004.

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