i have stairway to heaven sheet music

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ok sorry but i dont really have a link to it, but i do have sheet music i made up myself. ive been working on it for 3 days and i have the first 30 seconds. im not a tone deaf guy and i think its pretty close-i did it on the piano and my friend said it worked on the guitar. i was looking for the accual sheet music so i could compare. its a little confusing but if u play around with it you could get it (^means one octave up)(v means octave down) A C E ^A^ ^B^ E C ^B^ ^C^ E C ^C^ F# D A F# E C A C E C A G A A vEv C B A C E ^A^ ^B^ E C ^B^ ^C^ E C ^C^ F# D A F# E C A REST E C A G A A i dont really wanna scan it in my computer but if u guys dont get it email me and ill send u the accual sheet i made up sk8ersquall31@yahoo.com

-- coolest dude (sk8ersquall31@yahoo.com), March 03, 2004

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