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Hi All;

I am new to this list, and delighted to find you.

I am trying to locate a good drawing of the SAL 2-6-6-4 "Fast Freight" locomotives built by Baldwin. Numbered on the SAL 2500-2504, and later sold to The B&O as their 7700-7709.

There is mention of a drawing of a 2-6-6-2, but I have to wonder if this is a typo. Locating that issue would be near impossible.

Seaboard Air Line 2-6-6-2 plans Model Railroader, March 1936 page 62 ( 2-6-6-2, ARTICULATED, DRAWING

Any help will be most appreciated.



-- Rory O'Connor (, March 03, 2004


Hi Ron;

Thank you for responding to my Post, and your offer of The SAL R-1/R- 2 “Diagram”. I would love to see and have it if possible.

I found holdings for the 2-6-6-2 shown in Model Railroader, March 1936 at the Multnomah County Library, Portland, and scanned the drawing. It was the R-1/R-2 2-6-6-4 as I suspected, and great to finally have it. My goal is to produce a more detailed drawing, as we have grown accustomed to seeing in the books and periodicals of today.



-- Rory O'Connor (, March 06, 2004.

Rory, The SAL did have a 2-6-6-4. I can offer you a copy of the diagram sheet that gives the basic dimensions, if your interested. Ron

-- Ron Dettmer (, March 06, 2004.

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