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Can anyone tell me if there are any companies that would finace an elevator mod package for a large scale mod...say 1.9 million?

-- (, March 02, 2004


Buyer beware!

Watch what you buy! If you buy proprietary equipment you limit yourself as to who can work on the equipment. As well as how much you will pay for service! And when they offer you a full service contract ask how many years will they offer it to you?

I'm sure you can find what you need from a financial institution at a more competative rate of finance. Which ever you choose, best of luck.


-- Jon (, March 03, 2004.

Schindler has a capital improvement plans available, where they MOD your equipment in stages, cost's a little more in the long run but saves you money in the mean time allows you to pay gradually and at the end of the term you'll end up with a full MOD.

-- Clark (, March 04, 2004.

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