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Hi, I'm a coffee plantation owner in india. and the question i had was how is it possible to know coffee prices? the local buyers are the only source of information and they are not totally frank. i'd like to know if there is a source for checking out prices. Any information would be helpful.

-- vivian (, February 29, 2004


they range from 1.25 to 30.00 a pound depending on the type of coffee you have and it's ratings or much do you sell the pound of coffee over there? because i am looking for a direct surce for my company to buy green coffee beans by volume.

-- manii anaya (, March 03, 2004.

right now we get paid Rs.2400 for a 50kg bag of pulped and dried arabica coffee and we sell it to the local dealers. I could get u more details, if you want to. They usually grade the coffee and send them to exporters. i hate to say this, but do be careful in who u choose. by the way what is the image of indian coffee at ur country ? And since we use chemical pesticides, is that a negative factor?

-- vivian (, March 03, 2004.

I figure that to be marginally over $1.07 a k/g, or $0.46 a lb. Certainly for ungraded/unsorted beans market prices can be as low as $0.75/KG where I am. You should look at sorting, selling your Grade 1 Arabica directly to an overseas broker and onsell grade 2-5 to your current buyer. At least then you would be making more from this.

-- Alun Evans (, March 26, 2004.

The daily coffee market prices are posted on and the whole world uses these prices as a guideline. Other arrangements can be reached with selling direct - but that is mostly limited to a full container of coffee at a time. 255 bags per container.

-- Jay Endres (, April 15, 2004.

need coffee prices of india

-- rohan nagpal (, May 04, 2004.

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