spr ridden old rd -sydney I want one. Awesome

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road warrior cafe had a bike show today. Importers -p Feeney Grp had a SPR ready to test ride. Sale guy said you wouldn't get opportunity like this in hurry. Immediately the differences were noticed over 2000 f4. Suspension was stiffer , Power going up hills from 6k -7.5k over my bike is very good. Not to mention the slingshot effect it has going freely into 10k + RPM. Sound effects are great with a good seat to slide around on , makes a big difference, all round a good package. But for $42k and the 1000cc model here in July 2004, well Mr salesman don't carry on to much when I say ," we'll see."

-- errol meulen (meulen1@optusnet.com.au), February 29, 2004


YES! The SPR is very nice indeed. Do you think the F4 Mille-S will be A better package? Faster no doubt... then there is the SPR's suspension, close ratio box, stronger clutch ,hand polished intakes... And don't forget that it's the least expensive model that has that little plate with the number on the triple clamp. I paid $22K (not $42k) for mine, $3k more than msrp on the Mille. I thought about waiting for the Mille, but for me it's not all about power. If it was, I'd buy Japanese... Just don't talk to me about matt-black (read scratch-black) paint job. !@#$%^&! My advice; if you've got the coin, scoop one up. They are not making any more of them. If it's the Mille you must have, and you dont mind waiting then get the track tuned "Mille SPR" when/if there is one, that's my plan. After all part of owning an MV is the "exclusive" factor, deny it if you want. What will see more of, Mille's or SPR's?

-- Craig (ctownglass@netzero.net), February 29, 2004.

Craig, he's talking Aussie dollars :-)

-- b. (thaknife@yahoo.com), March 01, 2004.

Mille MSRP is $25K? Has it been announced?

-- Allan Gibbs (Phoenix, AZ) (Agibbs996@aol.com), March 01, 2004.

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