God Help Me - I've Discovered Weblogs!

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As if I needed more internet content to suck away my precious free-time. Here are a couple of weblogs from science teachers that you may find interesting.

From Behind the Teacher's Desk

Ms. Frizzle (in the Bronx):

So You Want to Be a Science Teacher

Citizen Scientist

I will add these to the links page of MiddleSchoolScience.org and update as I discover new weblogs that might be of interest to science teachers.

A weblog (or simply "blog") is basically an online journal. It's interesting to hear the strategies & struggles of fellow treachers, and there are a number of them in NYC with a lot of local (as well as national) education politics thrown in. If you are interested in starting your own weblog, there are a number of free services out there - blog*spotseems to be pretty popular:


-- Michael Gatton (mgatton@vzavenue.net), February 28, 2004

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