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I recently received a letter from a company called Eversheds working on behalf of Abbey,They were chasing a shortfall of 20k.

My property was sold in 1995 and this was the first contact I have had(2004), With this in mind I sent them a letter reminding them of the agreement with the CML, They have replied apolgising on behalf of eversheds informing me the case file is now closed and I would not be chased further on this matter.

Is this the end or have they sold my debt on ?

-- Lyndon Walbyoff (, February 28, 2004



If Abbey were to stoop so low and sell on the shortfall to a debt collector after stating they were going to adhere to the CML CODE and not pursue you in the matter (don't forget it is a code not law yet) then I would raise merry hell, Mike Hancock MP for Portsmouth South would be a good start. However, I doubt it'll come to that. Well done and Good Luck for a trouble free future.


-- M Amos (, March 01, 2004.

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