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Anyone know how to reduce the seat height of my f4 other than by the ride height adjuster & dropping the forks, as being vertically challenged (5ft.2")its a real problem, to reach the ground properly and have dropped it once, without damage. I want to modify the sub frame and lower it by at least 25/30mm, it dosen't look that difficult to do, apart from the p/tank-seat mounting flange. Please don't surgest wearing platform boots!.ect....

-- j. corrin (, February 28, 2004


I feel ya, bro. I'm 5'7.5" and the first thing I did was have the shop lower mine via the height adjuster and it's now live-able although I'd like another full inch lower. As is, it still sits higher than my BMW K1200RS..

I would suggest you contact Ohlin or Wilbers to see if they can provide a shorter shock. If you'll contact me directly, I can provide the Wilber's USA importer's name. We deal with them on a weekly basis. We ( sell many Wilbers shocks to the BMW guys over Ohlins simply because you can order them in shorter lengths allowing you to lower the bike up to 1.5" + they offer more adjustments. Yes.. this is NOT a cheap fix...and I have ZERO idea if they even offer an MV version, but if you're like me... the height is almost a deal breaker. Let me know..

-- Jerry D Finley (Danger is my middle name) (, March 09, 2004.

Johnny, Please put your money away - for the moment. The F4 comes with a wonderfull 'ride height adjuster' this is specifically designed for raising/lowering the rear end. If you wan't to drop it by as much as you say then you will also need to drop the front to keep things ballanced. The problem will be reduced ground clearance though. Now take that big pile of cash you were going to spend and send it to me for safekeeping.

-- Mark M (, March 10, 2004.

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