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Am in dispute with Curtis Solicitors/Royal Sun Alliance,appreciate any help or advice on documentation etc,needed to help my case greatly appreciated. Urgent response if possible please

Kind regards

Robert Bright

-- Robert Bright (Bright@spark22.freeserve.co.uk), February 27, 2004


You will need to give some details on your situation as issue is quite complex. i.e. dates, amount, mig claimed on, level of shortfall and how much interest, type of mortgage, if you are currently a home owner.


-- justask (justask@btinternet.com), February 28, 2004.

As above we need more info regarding your issue...e mail me direct if you wish.....

My MIG was with RSA and got the matter resolved...I might be able to help if you need a contact at RSA if you need info re the actual MIG, (ie the payout details etc)


-- Moira (Anderston828@aol.com), February 29, 2004.

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