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Has anyone purchased the MV based Arai RX7 RR4 Helmet? I just saw it on the site. It looks good. Painted with red and black MV color scheme and MV logo. Would like to see more pictures of it from other sides.

-- Greg (, February 26, 2004


Yes, my brother got 1 a 2years ago, its really does look good & looks the part, it bought it direct from mvagusta-sp(about 550) but you cant buy it direct from them now, got to go through a dealer!! cheers

john K senna 91

-- john b kennedy (, February 27, 2004.

Are they available in the US?

-- Bill (, February 27, 2004.

Arai made it so that their helmets could only be purchased in store because they had several online vendors undercutting the prices and dealers were not too happy about it so they made the change to sell at retail stores only.

I considered buying that helmet when I saw it but it was too plain for my tastes. However, I bought the Tetsuya Harada RX7-RR and it looks great and is a perfect match. It even has an Italian flag on it because he rode for Aprilia.

-- Pete (, February 27, 2004.

For that cash, you could buy the helmet in white and have it custom painted. The cool part is you could use the 'factory' helmet as a guide but personalize the design some as well. Check out ... these guys did a great job on my auto racing lid.

-- Hawkeye Mike (, February 28, 2004.

I bought the helmet last year. Its very nice fits superb. I have a blue visor on it, that makes it even cooler.

-- Rik MV (, February 28, 2004.

I want a red helmet with a white arrow like the evil biker gangs in Speed Racer.

-- Greg (, February 28, 2004.

The MV helmet can still be purchased from MV in Italy on-line. And it's about $300 off what USA dealers are selling them for.

-- Mike Cecchini (, January 15, 2005.

I got a plain red one and added the silver F4 logo from the bikes seat (got OE stickers off ebay).

-- Mark M (, January 17, 2005.

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