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Picture of mountains and countryside with lady in field Large oil painting framed with description "Spring in Tyrol" has two signatures one is "Jessie Sayer" other cannot read. Painting appears to be about 80-100 years old. Purchased at auction. Auctioneer unable to give information as previous owners also bought painting at auction. Maybe european and Tyrol is in Austria. Any info. appreciated

-- maria grosso (, February 26, 2004


My great aunt was Jessie Sayer,an artist who specalised in paintings of english countryside for Greetings Cards,Chocolate Boxes etc. She was a member of the Royal Academy and had at least one picture displayed there. She was married to Alfred Wood an artist and Picture restorer for National Gallery.could it be his signature also on painting?Period is about right.I own a couple of her Paintings,if futher interested get in touch.

-- Ray Stone (, May 29, 2004.

Just like to add the other name on the painting. It reads something like this. J.Alag.W.Hirley. All answers/help much appreciated

-- Maria Grosso (, June 14, 2004.

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