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Re Bills question on fan temp settings,my 2003 bike is ON 94deg c and OFF approx 84 deg c.With our summer temps in Australia the bike will run consistently in the high 80's and above during city riding,so when the fan cuts in at 94 deg the temp wont get down to the cutout point until you shut the bike off and let it cool.This dosn't seem ideal to me and i notice that some time ago there was questions about short fan life on some bikes.My temp on/off test was done with the bike stationary,the fans are i believe controlled by the ECU.My question is,does the ECU modify the fan cutoff point to something more realistic if it senses the bike is moving?If it dosn't the fans and charging system sure are in for a workout during summer suburban riding.

-- philip costin (, February 26, 2004


fans are vnot controlled from the ecu,but from a seperate thermo switch as the italians call it, this triggers a relay that supplies the fans, i know cos when the fans packed up the dealer said there was not a relay, but there is, found it ,replaced it no problems. There is another temp sensor for the ecu only for combustion purposes.

regards andy

-- andy finch (, February 27, 2004.

Hi Andy,you are correct for the "ORO" and maybe the early bikes(up to when i don't know)a dedicated thermal switch mounted on the thermostat HOUSING controls the fans relay,my bike doesn't have this switch and the wiring diagram also confirms it's not fitted.Unfortunatly however it doesn't show what now controls the fans relay,i am assuming it's the ECU but confermation would be interesting.My bike has 2 water temp sensors,1 on the upper radiator for the temp display on the instrument panel and one on the cylinder head adjacent to the thermostat housing for the ECU.

-- phil (, February 28, 2004.

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