I need the notes on My heart will go on, on harp, piano and flute

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hi i'm looking for the notes on my heartwill go on, for piano harp and transverse flute, so if anyone could send them to me I would be so glad because me and some of my friends wants to play it on the day of our graduation..... so anyone please send it to my email.....thanks

-- laura fogde jorgensen (sukkergrisenisback@sol.dk), February 26, 2004


vorrei my heart will go on

-- edoardo lacchi (eddy03@tiscali.it), February 27, 2004.

I also need the piano notes for "my heart will go on", plz send it to me! I really need it!

-- Jan Holm (jan5_holm@hotmail.com), March 04, 2004.

i need the notes off myyyyyy heat will ggo on too! if you have them sent them to me, please! Rebecca :-)

-- rebecca martin (rebeccamartin@freenet.de), March 23, 2004.

Hi,please,I need too the notes - My heart will go on for tr. flute. Thank you very much. A.

-- Alberto (obr@chello.cz), April 08, 2004.

Hi! I need the notes on My Heart Will Go On on piano!!!! Can you plaese send them to me..???? I'm gonna use them in a school- project... need them soon! Jen

-- Jenna Lewis (blackrose_894@hotmail.com), May 12, 2004.

Hi, I need the notes of "My heart will go on" I would be very obliged if somebody sends me them or tell me the way how i can find them by means of internet. Thanks a lot.

-- Sevinch Masimova (sevinchm@yahoo.com), July 15, 2004.

i really want to play it on the keyboard

-- ashley raju (ashraj@wis.school.nz), October 05, 2004.

i need the sheet music to my heart will go on from titanic for the flute plz send it to me!!!!!!!!!

-- Shailani Zanyk (angel_shalz02@yahoo.ca), March 08, 2005.

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