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I have a chicken that is sick.I never had chicken before and I just don't know what to do.She still eats and drinks but it is hard for her to stand, she has to balance herself with her wings.She has not given eggs for two days now.I give her standard chicken feed ( Purina Golden Line ) and whole wheat bread from time to time.There is something to kill the lice suspended above her cage ( called bird guard ).Could she have caught something from the two pigeons next to her ? Apart from that, I don't know waht else could be wrong.Her poop is kind of runny, and , it smells very strong but maybe that is normal chickenny smell...I am grateful for any advice you may have...

-- Naomi Gravel (, February 26, 2004


She could be egg bound, or have an infection or metal poisoning. A vet visit is in order, I think.

-- Cheryl (, September 03, 2004.

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