what M.D.&S. R.R. depot is this

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I found a photo of a Macon, Dublin & Savannah Depot at the Macon library. It is not a very clear photo and had no information on it. It is a large, two story, brick building with a long freight warhouse on one end. There are 3 ca. 30s-40s cars parked at the near end. There is a "motor car" stopped in front on what appears to be the "mainline". If this rings a bell with anyone, please contact me. I'll be glad to e-mail a down-sized copy to you. I would like to find out where this depot was at. Thanks Don Worthy

-- Don Worthy (worthy57@accucomm.net), February 25, 2004


Don, this is strictly from memory, but your description reminds me of the MD&S depot/freight station in Macon, GA. I'll try to find a photo of the building to confirm my recollection.

I haven't been to the location of the MD&S's Macon depot in some years, but the last time that I was there, the building was still standing, and may still be in existence. If you would like them, I can give you instructions on the location of the MD&S depot in Macon for confirmation of your photo.

Best wishes! Aaron Dowling

-- Aaron Dowling (adowling@merandb.com), February 26, 2004.

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