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Hi There In a shop or Wharehouse location what have you found best to supply hydro oil to service personel. Storing 55 gal drums is a cheap way but then you need pumps and containers to fill and then someone has to pump the oil. If you buy the pre poured 5 gallons pales they are about $18 more per 5 gallons than pouring it yourself. Dont have room for a big tank either. Also in a shop setting what are you using for any containment issues. There are many ways to pour,drum crank pump,lay drum over with spout but then possible leaks, raise drum with siphon method, electric transfer pump, ect Thanks Jim

-- Jim (elevator555@hotmail.com), February 23, 2004


Jim, Be sure to post whatever method you wind up choosing. I am interested also.


-- Dan (justsomeguylookin2@hotmail.com), February 24, 2004.

Hi Dan One gentleman contacted me privately and mentioned that he stores the drums in some kind of approved containment storage and has a 2 inch nipple and ball valve an uses a drum dolly and lays the drum over and pours out all he needs and then restores the drum. Since I posted originally I have talked to other repair guys and some shops use a non rando hydro oil an use a electric transfer pump when they need oil and use the clear plastic containers. I ALSO JUST WANTED TO THANK EVERYONE WHO HAS POSTED AN CONTRIBUTED AND ANSWER, THIS SITE IS VERY HELPFUL.

-- Jim (elevator555@hotmail.COM), February 24, 2004.

Thanks for posting the ideas Jim


-- Dan (justsomeguylookin2@hotmail.com), February 25, 2004.

Hello, Our branch has a 250 gallon container with a spigot. It doesn't take up much room and is very handy.

-- Jerry Hanlon (tmrtar@yahoo.com), February 25, 2004.

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