I DID IT & Bought a Expresso Trailer..........

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I bought a consession trailer, (finally) and now need advice on any web sights to get to events,and any good pointers on what vendors should look out for and i know the key is location...so any help would be great, will be in the Ky and Tenn area, just looking to have a good time and make money. Thanks you all for the help here. Thanks Pam

-- Pam (morningsun009@aol.com), February 22, 2004



We supply all products for coffee houses, concession trailers, etc. Contact me for information.

-- Gregory B. Comer (greg@thecoffeeconsultants.com), April 05, 2004.

try churches on sundays, any university, any busy office building, hospitals, any where there are people with time on their hands, but have to be there.

-- Jennifer Walrath (jenn4jags@cox.net), May 03, 2004.

At the rest stop on interstate 95 I picked up many pamphlets re:events happening in the respective counties here in Md.No,I don't expect you to come to Md. :))but look for the info in the county tourism dept. where you are interested.I guess where tourism is promoted. Good Luck

-- Ken Frew (sprit sail@aol.com), June 28, 2004.

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