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I decided to put my rhose island red rooster chick in with my full grown rhode island red hens and my barred rock chick rooster in with the full grown barred rock hens. The Rhode island red has holes in his left back side and his butt is all leeding and torn up teh barred rock has his head torn up and bleeding. ive speerated them that happened over night. im worried about my rhode island red chick. he is really messed up and i dont know what to do! what should i do?

-- Jeremy Hardin (, February 22, 2004


Well, you should put some neosporin on his wounds, hope and pray that he eats and drinks, perhaps even give him some antibiotics---doses are questionable, but maybe the thing to do. How old? How large?

Always be careful introducing new cickens into a flock. Especially if they are of disparate size.

I hope he's okay.

-- Doreen (, February 26, 2004.

he is about a month and a half 2 monthes old. he's pretty samll still now the wounds are all white like it is a mold of some sort. he is eating and drinking fine he is moving around liek nothign is wrong but the wounds , like i said , are all white. maybe this is good? i dont see how it can be but should i still try to put neosporin on it? thanks alot jEREMY

-- Jeremy Hardin (, February 28, 2004.

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